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JDL Medical and Financial is very much a one stop shop for Independent financial planning advice for Medical and Dental professionals. Darryl-Louise has been specialising within this niche market for the past 16 years. Technically she is very gifted, coming top in the country in her industry exams when she first qualified in 1997. This outstanding achievement saw her nominated for the financial adviser of year awards. Not only is her industry technical knowledge first class, she has the ability to translate this into everyday language that enables people to truly understand their needs. In order to ensure her advice remains technically current, Darryl-Louise also attends regular industry ongoing training to maintain her Continued Professional Development.

In addition, she also regularly attends bespoke groups to maintain her professional knowledge pertinent to the Medical and Dental sector. Attending such events hosted by The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, enables her to maintain appropriate knowledge bespoke to their working environment, which in turn influences the advice to clients. By attending such events, she has direct access to the head of the NHS pension scheme, Ross Mathieson and also specialists in the field of Accounting and the Legal Profession who purely work with and for Medical and Dental professionals.

It is very clear from the professional networks, that they are actively encouraged to only recommend IFA’s that truly have a Medical and Dental area of speciality to work with their clients. We feel it is crucial in your business that you have a good quality support network around you both professionally and personally. JDL Medical and Financial is totally committed to providing first class knowledge and advice solutions to enable you to secure the best financial future in both your career and private life.

JDL Medical and Financial prides itself on working for its client’s best interest at all times. Do not expect to be sold to, Independent Advice is given to you at all times. For example it’s very easy to just sell a mortgage, but when a holistic view is taken to your current and future financial situation, a very different solution is what is likely to be recommended. Significant value is added by understanding your career path. When knowledgeable about the different roles you will go through and their individual employment status, for Foundation Doctors, through to Consultants, Salaried GP’s or Partners, Foundation Dentists, Salaried, Associates through to Principles. This enables the advice to be tax efficient and cost effective as it uses your employer benefits to keep costs down and prevents you from being over insured and ensures your planning is built upon and not wasted.

Clients can have total faith that what is right for them will be what is recommended when engaged in a professional relationship with JDL Medical and Financial. Nothing in life comes easy if it is worth having and creating a financial future which is enviable by others doesn’t generally just happen either. However having a professional relationship that can be fully trusted is something that will nurture the desired result for you and your loved ones.

JDL Medical and Financial does not actively seek to obtain new clients. This is a bespoke boutique client offering, the relationship is built up on trust and aims to work closely with people who value a truly independent offering which understands your business and personal lives and works to enhance them.

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Email: darryl@jdlwealth.co.uk / 01302 540216 / 07733 220518